7-8 September 2022
ICC Sydney Exhibition Centre

7-8 September 2022
ICC Sydney Exhibition Centre

The future of hotel design: Human-centred

Change is inevitable and heavily impacts everything, including the way we design and re-design hotels. The deeply human-centric nature of hospitality puts pressure on owners, operators and designers to look beyond the fundamentals and to engage the hearts, minds and souls of guests and their experience. This panel will share their thoughts on the future of human-centric design in hotel and hospitality projects. man-centric design in hotel and hospitality projects.

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Custom designing fabrics, wallcovering and carpets for projects

Join CHADA Associate Rebecca Boland as she explores the ways in which custom design can bring unique and memorable experiences to your projects. Specifically, she'll expand on the story behind the Botanical Wallcovering features in the Gin Lounge at the Fair and the journey to creating this stunning piece.

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Sustainable design matters

Considering how design impacts the environment is no longer a choice for design professionals, it's a responsibility. But how do you incorporate sustainability into your projects without overcomplicating and while continuing to create amazing space? Join our expert panel as they share their thoughts and experiences on sustainable design

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New Luxury: The emergence of the conscious consumer

Customers have shifted from seeking conspicuous excess to the desire for barefoot luxury with conscious wellbeing, sustainability and authentic experiences that are a reflection of their own life values at the forefront. Exclusivity, space, and time have become paramount, as well as a real connection to your place of arrival. This session will explore how food and beverage experiences can capture this customer journey within the hotel environment. You'll leave the session with insight to better:
  • Understand the factors and key drivers behind \'post-Covid\' travel and the emergence of a new generation of customer
  • Reimagine the Hotel F&B experience as a stand-alone immersive dining destination
  • Define the strategies and design tools you can apply to delight in this new age of travel

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Surprise and delight: Deliver experiences or perish!

Your restaurants, bars and common areas are more than functional spaces, they're opportunities to tell stories, engage, and create experiences your guests will remember. In this session, award-winning designer Michael McCann will share his thoughts on how design can play an integral role in surprising and delighting customers through memorable and meaningful interactions.

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